Hi There!

I know that you are jumping up and down in anticipation to get to my latest content. It's really nifty stuff and you will find all of it at TheYodel.com.

While there is some of my music at TheYodel.com. you will find most all of it at ChickenHouseRecords.com..
...and iTunes,
and Spotify...
and your favorite streaming service...
except YouTube.

YouTube pays the artist so litter per stream, it is pretty close to thievery... They should be embarrassed... but they are not... just rich. I had one payment report where they had over 7000 streams of a song for which they paid me $00.00000003 per stream. That is less than three-millionths of a penny per play. That's about two cents total. If you can afford the $10 per month, pay for your streaming service. They pay the artist much more per stream... sometimes as much as a half-penny... which is over 160,000 times more than that YouTube report.

If you value music, try to pay for you pleasure. OK, I'll shut up now./div>

Right now I am publishing under the pseudonyms: "Gerluz" as well as "The Nouveau Guinea Wind Ensemble". Be sure to add them to your playlists!

So What are you waiting for? Go over to TheYodel.com.

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